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PA1: Smart Home and Housing

Against the background of an ageing society, the pilot action aims to advance the exploitation of the emerging market of Smart Home&Living/Housing.

PA2: B2B & C2C-Matchmaking during international leading fairs

• B2B & C2C-Matchmaking during international leading fairs
– common cross-cluster activities in the field of Ambient Assisted Living AAL)
– ClusterMatchMaking – GREEN TECHNOLOGIES more

PA3: Trans-regional clustering reflecting societal challenges

The pilot action describes how and whether clusters could be established in different fields, regions and conditions according to one joint cluster methodology.

PA4: Light Weight – Development of strategic partnership in the light weiht construction area

A pilot action about how to sustainably link regional players with international actors in the light weight constructions area and facilitate the development of innovation partnership in this field of actions.


PA5: Ambient Assisted Living

Open space platform for emerging industry Smart Ambient/Housing

PA6: Cross clustering network of mechatronic, ICT and security modules for development the human-machine systems

The overall objective of this pilot was to set up a transnational training program for knowledge exchange between experts in a specific field (train the trainers) more

PA7: Technology transfer in the frame of advanced materials for increasing the innovation of products and technologies

Joint cross-clustering activities are focused at supporting transfer of new knowledge in the field of advance materials, and at creation international networking structures more

PA8: Networking for development of zero energy buildings

Slovenia. The overall aim of this Pilot Action was cross clustering and networking of stakeholders to design and offer advanced technology retrofit options, demonstrations, trainings and know-how-transfer of new concepts for zero energy buildings with renewable energy used.