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The CluStrat Library

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CluStrat Portrait

CENTRAL EUROPE | 2014 | Belgium | Tags: Central Europe, Cross-cutting Issues, Emerging Industries, Key Enabling Technologies

CluStrat´s contribution to CENTRAL EUROPE´s Project Book:
Article about the CluStrat Project in the "Project Book", which presents short portraits of all approved
projects within the CENTRAL EUROPE  Europe Programme.

CluStrat´s Portrait [PDF | 82.25 KB]

Presentations of the 6th Cluster Forum Baden-Württemberg

Abghay, Knaebel, Krüger, Meier zu Koecker, Neubauer, Pezzi, Svensson | 2013 | Germany | Tags: Cluster Strategy, Cross-cutting Issues, Key Enabling Technologies

The 6th Cluster Forum Baden-Württemberg took place in Stuttgart, Germany on the 8th of May 2014 themed "Future Technologies and modern Services for enhancing the Quality of Life". Follwing presenations are online and available to the public:

Keynote Speeches:

Prof. Dr. Hanns-Peter Knaebel, Chairman Aesculap AG and Board Member B. Braun Melsungen AG: Future Health Market


  • Expamples form Baden-Württemberg: Verenar Neubauer, Coordinator of CluStrat, Project Manager, Steinbeis-Europa-Zentrum
  • Examples from the Baltic region: Lotten Svensson, Lotten & Company AG, Coordinator of Comfort in Living
  • Examples from the 4 motors-cluster-network: Alberto Pezzi, Director of Competitive and Clusters Strategy division – Directorate General for Industry, Government of Catalonia


  • Cluster support in Baden-Württemberg: Andrea Krueger, Cluster Policy, Regional Economic Policy, Ministry of Finance and Economics of Baden-Württemberg
  • Cluster support at the federal level: Dr. Gerd Meier zu Köcker, Head of the program "go-cluster" of the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy, VDI/VDE Innovation + Technik GmbH
  • Cluster support at the European level: Hicham Abghay, Senior Project Manager, Steinbeis-Europa-Zentrum

Presentations 6th Cluster Forum Baden-Württemberg [PDF | 2.18 MB]

4th Transnational Policy Dialogue: Presentation of the Pilot Actions

Project Partners | 2014 | Slovenia | Tags: Emerging Industries, Cross-cutting Issues, Key Enabling Technologies, Policy Dialogue, Pilot Action, Strategy, Transnational Policy Dialogue


  • PA1: Smart Home, Lead Partner: PP11, Veneto, Speaker: Helene Fuser / Verena Neubauer
  • PA2: B2B & C2C-Matchmaking during international leading fairs: common cross-cluster activities in the field of Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) and ClusterMatchMaking – GREEN TECHNOLOGIES, Partner: PP 02, Speaker: Christoph Reiss-Schmidt
  • PA 3: Trans-regional clustering reflecting societal challenges,Lead Partner: PP04: Karlovy Vary, Speaker: Daniel Acs
  • PA4:  Light Weight – Development of strategic partnership in the light weight constructions area, Lead Partner: Saxony Economic Development Corporation (SEDC) PP_05, Presenter: Lucia Bellora
  • PA 5: Ambient Assisted Living, Slovenia, Lead Partner: SPIRIT Slovenia PP 20,Presenter: Mitja Skrebec
  • PA6:  Cross clustering network of mechatronic, ICT and security modules for development the human-machine systems, Lead Partner: PP02, Speaker: Christoph Reiss-Schmidt 
  • PA 7:  Advanced Materials, Lead Partner: Cluster AT+R - PP18, Speaker: Prof. Valdimir Cop
  • PA 8: Networking for development of zero energy buildings, Lead Partner: Marshal's Office of Lower Silesia, PP13, Speaker: Michał Frycz.

PA 1, PA 2, PA 3, PA 4, PA 5, PA 6, PA 7, PA 8 [PDF | 326.23 KB]

Report on the 3rd Transnational Policy Dialogue on 19th September 2013 in Budapest, Hungary

Verena Neubauer | 2013 | Hungary | Tags: Emerging Industries, Cluster Strategy, Cross-cutting Issues, Key Enabling Technologies, Pilot Action, Policy Dialogue, Report, Strategy

Report on the 3rd Transnational Policy Dialogue on 19th September 2013 in Budapest, Hungary

Report on the 3rd Transnational Policy Dialogue on 19th September 2013 in Budapest, Hungary [PDF | 142.3 KB]

Presentations of Brussels´Conference on 2014_02_17

| 2014 | Belgium | Tags: Emerging Industries, Cluster Strategy, CluStrat, Cross-cutting Issues, Key Enabling Technologies, Strategy, Central Europe

Presentations of Brussels´Conference on 2014_02_17:


Conference opening by Prof. Dr. Nobert Höptner,
Commissioner for Europe of the Minister of Finance and Economics Baden-Württemberg, Director Steinbeis-Europa-Zentrum

A European strategy for Key Enabling Technologies by Heidi Moens,
Policy Officer Key Enabling Technologies, ENTR.E4 Key Enabling Technologies and Digital Economy, European Commission

The CluStrat joint strategy on new cluster concepts by Prof. Roberto Grandinetti, Department of Economic and Management, Padua University

Panel discussion: New cluster concepts, developed in Central Europe

  • Vladimír Benč, Cluster AT+R, Slovakia - “Advanced Materials”
  • Alenka Mubi Zalaznik, SPIRIT Slovenia -“Ambient Assisted Living“
  • Verena Neubauer, Steinbeis-Europa-Zentrum, Germany – “Process development: Boosting innovation through clusters-based systemic coordination”

Best practice from the Baltic Sea Region: The Welfare Tech Cluster by Henrik Kagenow, Managing Director, Welfare Tech

Alenka Mubik Zalaznik [PDF | 162.32 KB] Heidi Moens [PDF | 1.95 MB] Henrik Kagenow [PDF | 3.86 MB] Prof. Grandinetti [PDF | 208.37 KB] Verena Neubauer [PDF | 284.6 KB] Vladimir Benc [PDF | 2.27 MB]