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Emerging Industries and Cross-cutting Issues: Project's focus areas and approach agreed

Report of the 1st Transnational Policy Dialogue available

On 15 December 2012, the 1st Transnational Policy Dialogue of the CluStrat project was organized in Stuttgart. Around 50 representatives from the CluStrat regions discussed about which Emerging Industries and Cross-cutting Issues the project should focus upon.

The project Steering Committee afterwards validated the discussion results in its first meeting. Accordingly, the thematic focus of the mapping of potentials, which prepares startegy development, lies in


  1. Active Aging
  2. Sustainable Development / Green Economy
  3. Sustainable / Intelligent Mobility


  1. Internationalization
  2. Technology & Knowledge Transfer
  3. Gender in Innovation / Diversity

The report on the 1st Transnational Policy Dialogue can be downloaded here.