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Transfer of CluStrat's preliminary findings to the Danube Region

New Brochure "Danube Clusters - Striving for Excellence"

CluStrat's status as a light house project within the EU Strategy for the Danube Region (EUSDR) has recently been underpinned as the project's previous finding have been introduced in a brochure published by DanuClus. DanuClus is the EUSDR working group on Clusters of Excellence within the Steering Group of Priority Area 8 Competitiveness of Enterprises including Cluster Development.

The brochure "Danube Clusters – Striving for Excellence" provides information on clusters in general, cluster development in the Danube Region and the official launch of DanuClus. Furthermore the booklet consists of a snapshot of clusters in the Danube Region (different sectors and the number of clusters in each country), the new cluster policy concept for the Danube Region with policy recommendations and three priorities for cluster policy projects in the Danube Region. Insights from CluStrat have been incorporated particularly in the chapter on "New cluster policy concepts for the Danube Region".

To download the brochure please click here.