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12.03.2014 | Brussels

New cluster concepts presented in Brussels

Results of CluStrat´s international conference „New cluster policies for Central Europe and beyond” on 17th February 2014 in Brussels

The CluStrat consortium has presented its preliminary findings in Brussels during the international conference „New cluster policies for Central Europe and beyond”.

Clusters are an essential trigger in innovation policy to make European SME more competitive.  New market opportunities that result from major societal challenges request products and services which can only be delivered in a multi-disciplinary approach making use of the key enabling technology in Europe. The transnational consortium of the strategic project CluStrat has identified the major issues of new cluster concepts to support the necessary innovation processes in SME. These results were presented to an international audience of close to 100 participants on 17th February 2014 in Brussels.

Three main factors have been identified by the consortium in view of the new cluster concepts which are needed in Central Europe to deploy the Emerging Industries and the related potentials of clusters: (1) a systemic coordination of actors and competencies in order to achieve the quality and scope of collaboration that is needed – across all relevant technologies and branches; (2)  a demand driven approach, including end-users in all stages of the innovation process; and (3) integrating knowledge on the possibilities of key-enabling technologies (KET) as identified by the European Commission (including micro-/nanoelectronics, nanotechnology, photonics, advanced materials, industrial biotechnology and advanced manufacturing technologies).

For more information read CluStrat´s latest press release.

You can find the conference´ presentations here.