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18.09.2014 | Venice, Italy

Sharing the results of three years of cooperation

The Final Conference of CluStrat „New cluster concepts for cluster policies in Europe” took place on 18 September 2014 in Venice

The 18 project partners of CluStrat have been collaborating since October 2011 on new cluster concepts in order to better exploit the role of clusters in view of new Emerging Industries. In the final conference, the results were shared  with an international audience of close to 120 participants.

The conference was opened by Marialuisa Coppola who is Veneto’s Regional Minister for Economic Development Research and Innovation. Subsequently, the project approach and joint strategy were introduced and the implications in terms of future actions and policy recommendations presented. “How to strengthen regional competitiveness through new cluster concepts: lessons learned from European projects” – in this panel discussion, representatives from the CluStrat project regions Veneto and Karlovy Vary as well as from the South East Europe project ClusterPoliSEE and INTERREG IV C project ClusteriX assessed the relevance and impact of the project findings.

Moreover, the conference agenda featured a contribution from Liliana Rodrigues MEP on cross-cutting issues including gender and diversity. Giorgio Martini, Managing Director of the Department of Cohesion and Development of the Italian Ministry of Economic and Development sowed how the project approach relates to the cluster policies and smart specialisation in the context of the Italian ERDF programmes. To conclude, the CENTRAL EUROPE Joint Technical Secretariat highlighted the innovation and cluster-related investments envisioned by the future programme.



Press Release on Final Conference