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CluStrat Objectives & Thematic Focus


In the light of overall trends like demographic or climate change, new products and services will be required. Thus, new markets and industries will emerge. At the same time, several cross-cutting issues such as gender and diversity, internationalization or technology & knowledge transfer become increasingly important for the performance of clusters.

How can clusters stay competitive in the light of these new emerging industries and cross-sector issues? How can they deliver the products and services that are needed in order to serve and exploit new market demands, and successfully approach and promote cross-cutting issues for the benefit of their members?

CluStrat seeks to answer these questions through assessing new policy approaches to support clusters in anticipating these trends and issues and capitalizing on their potentials. A Joint Strategy for the CENTRAL EUROPE area, targeted at innovation and cluster policy makers at all levels, will be adopted.

Thematic Focus

After a 1st Transnational Policy Dialogue event in December 2011, the CluStrat partners have agreed to focus the strategy development on the following fields:


  • Active Aging
  • Sustainable Development / Green Economy
  • Sustainable / Intelligent Mobility


  • Internationalization
  • Technology & Knowledge Transfer
  • Gender in Innovation / Diversity