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CluStrat Approach

Important concepts for the CluStrat project

The potentials of Key Enabling Technologies and cross-sector services

Clusters are an accepted part of the innovation framework since they convene all relevant actors along a value chain. But emerging industries such as active ageing, sustainable mobility and green economy call for cross-fertilization of traditional sectors with cross-sector technologies and services. Key Enabling Technologies have a special part in this, as well as different kinds of services. Their application in more traditional sectors is necessary for the development of new products and services. However, this kind of cross-fertilization rarely happens.

Smart Specialization

Rather than putting a general focus on promising technologies, regions are today increasingly required to build upon their specific given assets when deploying their particular “niche” in global competition. The concept of Smart Specialization calls for concentration of regions on those sectors with the biggest potential in terms of expertise and infrastructure. Within this concept, the application of cross-sector technologies and services to traditional sector clusters can be expected to open considerable growth prospects for Central Europe regions.

Graph showing the CluStrat Approach

(c) Jung Visuelle Kommunikation
(c) Jung Visuelle Kommunikation