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CluStrat Activities

How can clusters stay competitive in the light of new emerging industries and cross-sector issues? The CluStrat project strives to develop a Joint Strategy on how to enhance the innovation capacity and competitiveness of clusters in the Central Europa area.

At the beginning, an analysis of potentials shows hubs of strategic importance with regard to emerging industries and cross-cutting issues at regional level. Strategy development builds upon this basis.

In order to feed the strategy development process, CluStrat partners have initiated a systematic Policy Dialogue at regional, national and transnational level. The Policy Dialogue is an ongoing process of exchange, discussion and learning which involves cluster policy makers at all levels in the development of new policy approaches and strategy elements.

At the same time, sectoral experts, cluster practitioners and members such as companies, universities and other R&D institutions are involved in CluStrat for their expertise and hands-on experience:

  • Expert workshops for in-depth assessment of the potentials related to emerging industries and cross-cutting issues
  • Regional and cross-cluster/interregional pilots to test the strategy elements in practice.

Next to the Joint Strategy for the CENTRAL EUROPE area, CluStrat will also result in policy recommendations and a joint action plan for CE.